The price of natural gas has been on a steady decline for the past several years, and in 2016 it dipped below $1 per million British thermal units.

    Now, that price is on track to decline by almost 50 percent in 2017.

    Natural gas prices are falling because of three factors: the cost of developing new pipelines to carry natural gas from shale formations in the U.S. to distribution pipelines in Europe, and a shortage of supply in some parts of the world.

    The U.K. alone will need to spend nearly $30 billion in 2020 to build a new pipeline to carry shale gas from the Cumbria Basin to the South West of England.

    But with the world struggling to supply its burgeoning population and the cost to build the pipeline to bring gas to the U-K.

    estimated at about $5 billion, the U.-K.

    is going to have to find some other way to get its gas.

    “We have to have a better understanding of where the energy is coming from,” said John Lefroy, the chief executive officer of Scottish Gas, a subsidiary of Scottish Power.

    The company is planning to build two new pipelines through Scotland and Ireland, a route that will bring up to 40 percent of the energy the U.’s energy needs.

    The new pipelines will provide up to 800 megawatts of capacity to supply the U., while the existing pipeline will supply the same amount.

    The cost to do this has been $3 billion, and the company says it needs to get it down to about $1 a million British Thermal Units (Btu).

    That is a drop in the bucket for the U.

    It may not be cheap, but the company expects the cost savings to pay for themselves in the next few years. “

    It’s the kind that can be generated in a generation that is much cheaper than today’s technology,” he added.

    It may not be cheap, but the company expects the cost savings to pay for themselves in the next few years.

    The Scottish Energy subsidiary is also considering expanding its existing pipeline to a larger amount of the U’S.

    The plan would cost about $2 billion, but Lefrey said he thinks the price would be reduced in the near future.

    It will still be cheaper than what’s being used now, but “the cost of that will be lower, I think,” he said.

    The problem is that this is an extremely difficult market.

    The European Union is trying to limit the flow of gas to Europe, which means the price is going up, said Chris D’Arcy, director of energy strategy at IHS Energy.

    “That makes this project much more expensive,” he noted.

    “This is a huge market, and you’re not going to get a lot of supply from Europe.”

    If Scotland is able to secure a much higher price, then the U’-K.

    will have a much better chance of keeping its gas supply to Europe.

    But if the U-‘s energy supply gets pushed beyond Europe, the natural gas price will increase significantly.

    The most recent data on the natural fuel price showed a decline of 2.9 percent in the past year, but it still remains above $1.60 a million Btu.

    Lefry said he believes the natural resource in the region is still worth more than $1 billion a year.

    “If you go back to the time of the last great peak in the price of gas in the mid-2000s, it was $1,” he explained.

    “So, if you go through the natural resources, and there is a big supply of gas from Europe, that means the value is really there.”

    That’s a good sign, but there is no guarantee that prices will go down.

    The Natural Gas Association of Canada, the industry trade group for the world’s biggest natural gas producers, says that it expects natural gas prices to remain high until 2021.

    “In the long term, the cost [of natural gas] will increase in the United States, but at the moment, the price remains very attractive, and we are not looking for any downside in that,” said NGA chief executive John Kesto.

    That said, prices are not expected to stay low for long.

    “There is an abundance of natural resources in the market, so prices will probably be driven down over the long run,” said Lefries.

    He said that the cost-cutting measures the company is looking to take are designed to get prices down.

    In fact, Lofroy said, the company has recently taken “aggressive measures” to lower its gas costs by about $60 per 1,000 Btu, or about half of what it costs now.

    And there are other ways the company can lower its costs.

    For instance, Lefeley said the company recently reduced its operating costs by up to 25 percent in some of its manufacturing facilities


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