A California natural-gas pipeline broke ground Tuesday for a $1.7 billion transmission line to connect to the grid.

    The project would bring new energy to a state that has struggled to get its power from the natural gas industry for decades.

    The pipeline would also bring new jobs to the state, including one that will employ about 400 people.

    The State Department of Ecology says the project will provide more than 1,200 jobs in the state.

    The Trans-Pecos Natural Gas Pipeline is expected to be completed by 2021.

    The new pipeline is a part of a larger project that includes the construction of a new power transmission line from the Los Angeles Basin to Los Angeles.

    The utility also expects to spend $1 billion upgrading the existing lines.

    The $1-billion project will connect the Trans-Pacific Gas Pipeline in Santa Barbara County to Los Gatos, California, and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Long Beach transmission line.

    Trans-Pac will carry gas from the California Basin to the Pacific Ocean, where it will be pumped back to Los Alamos, New Mexico.

    Trans Pacific will also bring power to the Los Gatons region.