A natural gas site is a spot that can’t be found in a map or in a utility bill.

    But if you find it, you can find it anywhere in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, and Wyoming.

    And even if you don’t, you might just be able to make a quick call.

    If you’re looking for a natural gas storage facility, there are a lot of options, from one well in a state park to another near a city.

    Here’s a guide to the best places to find natural gas sites in each state.


    Oregon: Oregon is home to more than a dozen natural gas facilities, including two in the Portland area.

    Many of them are well-known names in the industry.

    One is the largest, the Eagle Mountain Storage facility, which has a storage tank for natural gas.

    The other is a smaller, but still popular, facility near Eugene.

    Both are on the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s list of potential gas storage facilities.

    The company that owns the Eagle and Eagle Mountain facilities, Cargill, is also one of the largest natural gas producers in the state.

    You can visit both facilities to see if they have a storage facility.

    If they don’t have a facility, you could still try to get a letter from Cargil to lease a storage well.

    Cargills lease offers a $15,000 down payment and an option to lease up to 100 storage wells at a time for a fixed period of time.

    The lease typically runs for six years.

    You might also want to check with your local city, county, or state parks department for their regulations about natural gas development in parks.


    Washington: The first natural gas field opened in the early 20th century, and it’s been the location of many natural gas projects over the years.

    The city of Bellingham is home in large part to the Eagle Creek storage facility near Seattle, and the Eagle Valley storage facility is located just off Highway 101 just east of Bell, Washington.

    The first major project to open up in Bellingham was in the 1950s, when the city opened the first natural-gas storage facility in Bells Peak.

    In the 1970s, the city also opened a storage site at a site near the Seattle/King County Airport.

    The site was later acquired by an environmental group, and in 2013, the area was designated a natural-resource management district, a designation that allows for environmental protection in areas where natural gas is being produced.

    In Bellingham, the first major gas development project in the 1970’s was the Eagleridge Natural Gas Storage facility.

    The project was built by a consortium of Seattle-based companies, including the Seattle Gas & Electric and Duke Energy companies.

    The $40 million project was completed in 1989.

    The Eagleridge site was purchased by a group of investors who bought a large parcel in Bell Hill and expanded the site into an outdoor natural-energy facility.

    In 2012, the Bell Hill-Cheshire County Natural Gas Project was approved by the City Council and is expected to open in 2019.

    In 2016, the council approved a new natural-gase facility for Bell Hill called the Bellridge Natural Energy Facility.

    The Bellridge project was scheduled to open by 2022.


    Montana: The state’s second largest natural-resources city, Helena, has been a natural source of natural gas for decades.

    The town of Helena has had a long history of gas exploration, and many of the wells that have been drilled have been located on the city’s waterfront.

    The state also owns the land around Helena that is used to develop the Great Northern Highway.

    But since the late 1970s and early 1980s, Helena has been on the front line of natural-Gas development.

    Between 1990 and 2015, there were three natural gas wells drilled near the town, with two of those wells being completed and the third completed in 2017.

    One of those two wells was the new Great Northern gas project, which was built near the former site of a storage field near Bells River.

    The Great Northern site is expected in 2019 to become the largest gas field in the United States.


    Arizona: The city’s second biggest natural-Resources city, Tucson, is home mainly to the Mesa Gas Field.

    The Mesa Gas facility was the site of the first and largest natural natural-Gases exploration project in Tucson.

    The land around the site was acquired in 2000, and then in 2011, the City of Tucson approved a $3.2 million development of the Mesa Natural Gas Facility.

    In 2018, the project was approved and completed.

    The development is located about an hour’s drive from the city.

    The gas field is expected at the site to begin production by 2021.


    Washington State: The second largest Natural-Resource city in the country, Bellingham has been at the center of natural Gas development for decades, with a number of wells drilled in the Bellingham area over the past few decades.

    Bellingham City Council passed


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