Gas prices are soaring.

    But so is the price of natural gas.

    And a new gas deal may be just the ticket.

    The Globe and Mail spoke to several gas producers and executives who were told in a meeting that their deals could be the first major deals in the pipeline.

    They say they’re looking for gas deals that have a high value, a good deal and that deliver a competitive price for their gas, not just an over-supply.

    As of Dec. 16, a new deal in the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials (PHM) business — the business of building pipelines and producing hazardous materials — was worth more than $6 billion.

    That includes deals with major Canadian oil companies, including Enbridge Inc., BP Plc and Exxon Mobil Corp. The new deals are a huge coup for gas producers, who have been trying to convince regulators that the industry needs to diversify away from the oil sands and oil shale.

    A deal with a gas producer like Enbridge would have been unprecedented for a gas pipeline.

    But this deal, for a single project, is expected to add a record-setting $1.5-billion in annual revenue to a natural gas pipeline company.

    That would be worth $1,000 per barrel more than the average gas price of $1 per barrel in the United States.

    “This deal is going to be very significant,” said Mike Dube, a pipeline industry consultant.

    This deal will be huge.

    The pipeline company is going after natural gas that has a price that’s been in the $1-to-1 range for years and is now starting to break through into the $5-to-$6 range.

    It’s also going after the cheap gas that’s still being produced.

    That’s a $1 billion deal for a company that has struggled to make inroads into the energy market.

    Enbridge said in a statement that the pipeline company had signed an agreement with an unnamed producer that would provide $1 to $1 of profit.

    That deal would give Enbridge a pipeline for a third of the world’s oil, but that would be a big drop in the bucket for a pipeline company with a revenue of more than a billion dollars.

    If the deal goes through, the pipeline could provide a competitive advantage to Enbridge and other pipeline companies in a market where gas prices are rising by more than 5 per cent a year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

    In the U.S., natural gas is used for heating homes and to generate electricity, among other uses.

    It also can be shipped to other countries for processing.

    But in Canada, the industry has been grappling with the supply of gas for more than two decades, after the 2008 crisis.

    Natural gas has been cheap, but it has also been highly polluting and difficult to transport and store.

    Canada was a major supplier of gas to Europe, where it was a main ingredient in liquefied natural gas (LNG) used in cars and other engines.

    Natural gas is now the third-largest fuel source in the world, behind crude oil and natural gas liquids.

    In recent years, the oil and gas sector has seen a boom in natural gas as the world becomes more energy-efficient and consumers increasingly move to gas-powered vehicles and other alternative fuel sources.

    The average price of a barrel of Canadian natural gas in 2016 was $3.39 per million British thermal units (MMMBtu).

    As the market has shifted away from oil, producers have been able to secure better deals on gas pipelines and other natural gas facilities.

    Gas pipelines are built to carry gas from one point to another, but the pipelines must be capable of handling the amount of gas they’re carrying, and they must be built to withstand a number of conditions.

    Gas pipelines are made of steel, concrete and other materials.

    The pipes carry the gas as they move through pipes.

    Pipelines are designed to be as safe as possible.

    The companies that make the pipelines often must undergo extensive safety checks and inspections.

    But even after a pipeline is built, some parts of it can fail.

    When the company has enough gas to fill the pipeline, it’s called “fuelled gas.”

    That means it’s ready to move.

    Even when pipelines are safe, it can be difficult to keep them in place when the gas is moving.

    Natural Gas Pipeline Canada, which provides the pipes for the country, says it is working with major gas companies to improve the designs and construction of their pipes, and to develop a plan to reduce the number of leaks.

    When Enbridge announced its deal with Enbridge, the company said it would also work with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers to ensure the pipeline is in safe operating condition.

    There is a lot of talk about the need for a diversified natural gas industry, but Enbridge said the company would


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