The gas sector is facing an existential crisis as a result of a massive, long-term decline in natural gas supply, according to a recent report.

    The report, released by the Natural Gas Association of America (NGAA), found that, in the fourth quarter of 2017, natural gas production from the United States was down 15% from the same period in 2016, with the U.S. producing just 6.8 billion cubic feet (bcf) of natural energy from shale gas.

    The decline in U.T.O. gas production has been driven in large part by a decline in the number of wells drilled in the United State.

    According to the report, this was primarily due to the rapid growth of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in recent years.

    Since 2009, hydraulic fracturing has increased the number and depth of natural-gas wells drilled across the country by more than 80%, according to the NGAA.

    “The number of active shale gas wells has risen from 4.8 million in 2009 to more than 13 million today, with more than 10 million being drilled in 2017,” the report said.

    While fracking has been a success in many areas, there are still many areas of the country where the practice poses environmental, public health and safety concerns.

    “While the United Kingdom and Germany are producing significant amounts of natural resource that is safe to use, these countries also have a history of poor environmental and social practices, including high rates of air pollution and air-quality concerns,” the NGFA report said, adding that the U,T.

    Os. should be aware of this issue.

    “These concerns have led to increased calls for increased regulation and increased scrutiny on hydraulic fracturing in the U:T.,” the report stated.

    “As the United Nations Environment Program has documented, the impact of hydraulic fracking on water supplies, air quality, and land use is devastating.”

    In response, President Donald Trump in August 2017 signed an executive order directing federal agencies to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas wells by 40%.

    While the order did not address fracking specifically, it does address the possibility of increased restrictions on fracking.

    “Fracking has been associated with significant public health impacts that include water contamination, air pollution, soil erosion, and the release of methane,” the Trump administration said in a statement on the new directive.

    “By limiting the use of unconventional gas, we are making our economy and communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events.”

    However, as of September 2018, there were no new U.s. drilling permits approved in the state of New York, according the New York Times.

    The U.N. Environment Program is calling on the Trump Administration to re-examine the impacts fracking can have on the environment and human health.

    “To make sure we can continue to meet our obligations under the Paris climate agreement, the United states should not be drilling in new areas,” said NAGA president Jim Taylor.

    “For example, the Dakota Access Pipeline would run under Lake Oahe in North Dakota, a natural gas resource that we’ve invested in over a century.

    And there are concerns that the pipeline could pose a health and environmental hazard if the leaky pipe were to leak.”

    These concerns come after the U of T.S., a top U.K. oil andgas supplier, was forced to withdraw from the Canadian gas market in February 2018.

    “We have a national energy crisis,” Taylor said.

    “And it’s not just the United Sates.

    The problem is in every major nation in the world.

    We need to get back to the source of energy.

    That’s where the oil is, that’s where gas is.

    We have to take that energy and put it back in our pockets and get it to our consumers.”

    The NGAA also released a report on energy efficiency in January 2018 that found that natural gas is the cheapest energy source in the country.

    The organization found that the average natural gas consumer in the New England region paid $3.40 per kWh in 2019.

    That number drops to $1.30 per kWh for the West Coast.

    In 2017, Natural Gas World reported that natural-fuel energy consumption grew at an annual rate of 4.6% in 2017.


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