Natural gas companies in Russia have been pouring millions into a Russian natural gas line that would allow them to pump gas from Russia’s vast and undeveloped Arctic and Pacific regions to Asia, according to the company that operates the pipeline.

    In a letter to lawmakers, Gazprom’s chief executive Alexei Miller told lawmakers in late March that the company was adding about 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the pipeline every day, the Associated Press reported.

    That would be about 40% more than the 1.2 billion cubic meter daily average from 2015 to 2020, according the AP.

    The company said the new capacity would allow the company to move about 40 billion cubic feet of gas a day from the Arctic to Asia.

    Gazprom said the gas would also be able to be piped into new natural gas plants in Europe, which would help boost Gazprom and other energy companies’ share of the Russian market, the AP reported.

    The pipeline’s route also connects to existing Russian pipelines that feed gas from the Pacific to China.

    Miller also said that the pipeline would be a new source of revenue for Gazprom, which has long struggled to generate enough money to pay dividends to shareholders.

    Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has made gas a top priority for his economic policy.

    He has promised to triple gas output from its current rate of 1.8 billion cubic metres a day by 2023.

    That will be followed by an increase of 4 billion cubic-feet of gas per day by 2021, according a Gazprom presentation to lawmakers.

    The company said it would pay a 20% premium for the gas that flows through the pipeline, as well as to any future expansion of the line.

    Putin has previously said the country needs to get more energy from the continent, and the company said its investments in the pipeline will create at least 4,000 jobs.