Russian gas exports to the United States have surged again in 2017, to the tune of $1.4 billion, as Russia continues to diversify its energy mix, and President Donald Trump’s administration pushes to increase exports.

    Russia’s share of U.N. energy and climate policies jumped to about 45 percent in 2017 from about 25 percent a year earlier, according to a Bloomberg survey of analysts, according a Reuters report.

    Russia is now the third-largest producer of natural gas in the world, according the International Energy Agency, after China and Saudi Arabia.

    Russian gas is the second-largest in the U.K. after China, and the second largest in the European Union behind Germany.

    Russia has already increased its gas exports by a third this year, according Reuters data.

    The U.R.S., too, is expanding its exports.

    In the first half of 2018, Russia expanded its gas supply by 2.5 percent, according TOEFO data.

    Russia exported about 2.4 million tons of natural fuel in 2018, a 17 percent increase from the year before.

    Russia increased gas exports more than threefold from 2014, when it exported only about 500,000 tons.

    Russia was the third largest gas importer in the EU in 2019, behind France and Germany.

    The country also is the biggest importer of crude oil, with about 7.5 million barrels a day.

    Russia imported about half of its oil in 2018.

    Russia and China have been trying to diversification of energy sources for decades.

    Russian energy minister Alexander Novak said in November that Russia would begin buying natural gas from a Chinese firm in 2019.

    “We have a new strategy in China that aims to reduce dependence on Russian gas,” he said.

    Russia also is investing heavily in renewable energy, and plans to spend $1 billion on wind and solar power.

    The United States is the world’s biggest exporter of natural-gas-fired power plants, but the United Kingdom has surpassed Russia in the number of solar and wind projects.

    In 2018, the U and U.A.E. signed a long-term gas cooperation agreement worth about $2 billion.

    That agreement covers both sides’ energy supply, and is expected to last until 2028, according Russia’s deputy prime minister.


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