Natural gas supplies are the main source of energy for most Australian households, but demand is also increasing in many other areas.

    Key points:Greens energy spokeswoman Jenny Macklin says we need to keep on fighting the fight against climate change and the fight for affordable, clean energy in AustraliaIt will be “disastrous” if Australia’s energy security is compromised by climate change, she saysThe Greens leader says Australia has the opportunity to use the energy from natural gas to “build a clean energy future for Australia”The Greens’ energy spokesperson Jenny Macklins says Australia needs to “keep on fighting” the fight to keep the natural gas supplies flowing.

    The Greens have called on the Government to “get the ball rolling” on new and innovative renewable energy projects to “ensure Australia can continue to have a clean, reliable and affordable energy future”.

    Ms Macklin told the ABC’s Lateline program that “it’s catastrophic if Australia were to lose its energy security” and that “there’s no way in hell we’re going to get out of this”.

    “The key to making a real impact on climate change is to be part of the solution, not the problem,” she said.

    “We need to invest in clean energy, we need renewable energy, and we need more affordable and reliable energy.”

    That’s what we’ve got to do to keep our energy security.

    “She said it would be “horrific” if a “dispensable” resource were to disappear.”

    The problem is not the lack of natural gas, the problem is that there is no natural gas in Australia, there’s a lack of supply, and that means that we’re really reliant on imported fuel,” she told the program.”

    So if we’re not careful, it will be catastrophic for our energy future, it’s devastating for our jobs, it is devastating for the environment.

    “She added that she was concerned about the potential for a “collapse of the economy”, as businesses in the gas-rich region of the South-East would face “substantial and unavoidable” losses.”

    It’s really crucial we keep fighting, because we’re talking about millions of Australians,” Ms Macklin said.

    The Greens are calling for a new and better approach to energy and climate change: a new approach to renewable energy and an end to fossil fuelsA key plank in the Green Party’s election platform is a new energy system based on renewable energy.

    Green Party leader Christine Milne says Australia is the “world’s only major economy” that does not have a carbon-free future.”

    There are some of the world’s best countries in terms of renewables and the world has got the chance to be the world with the greatest opportunities for our children,” she added.

    Ms Milne said there was a “huge gap” in our energy infrastructure, and argued that a new, cleaner energy system was the best option for our future.

    She said the Greens would “absolutely” support the new Renewable Energy Target (RET), which was introduced by the Labor Government in March last year.”

    Our policy on renewable has been to go forward with the RET, but we have to make sure we can do it in a way that minimises carbon emissions,” she explained.”

    But we have got to keep investing in renewables and renewable infrastructure.

    “The Greens believe the RET should be used as an opportunity to build the “cleanest and most sustainable energy economy in the world”, and Ms Milne described the target as a “gold standard”.

    She said she was “proud” of the fact that “in just under six months, we have reduced our emissions by around two million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year”.”

    There is a lot of room for us to do more, to make our electricity more reliable, more reliable and more affordable,” she insisted.

    Ms Macklins said the current approach was “disproportionate” to Australia’s needs, and advocated “an approach that goes beyond the RET”.”

    We have to do everything we can to ensure the RET remains an effective and sustainable way of providing electricity for the Australian people,” she argued.”

    If we do that, we can really build a clean and reliable future for our country.