By Medical News Now StaffPosted April 21, 2020 3:14PMNEW YORK (AP) — The boom in natural gas drilling in the United States has made the country’s biggest energy producer one of the nation’s biggest losers in the global market.

    That’s according to a new study by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit that tracks political spending.

    It estimates that U.S. natural gas producers lost $9 billion from fracking and other related drilling since 2010, compared to $17 billion for other producers.

    That figure is even higher than the $7.9 billion the study estimates companies made from natural gas sales in 2014, the year before the shale boom was unleashed.

    In the next two decades, natural gas prices could rise another 50% as prices rise for natural gas, the study finds.

    It’s also a big boost for the companies that make their money from shale drilling, which is a growing industry in the U.N. energy-rich United States.

    And it could boost production for the next 10 years, as fracking makes it easier to get gas for drilling.

    But the new study suggests that the boom could cause the natural gas industry to lose another $7 billion by 2032.

    That could force it to pay out tens of billions of dollars to people and businesses that may be negatively affected by the downturn.

    That would be a huge blow to companies like Marathon Petroleum, which makes up a large part of the industry.

    The study was based on information from the Natural Gas Association, a trade group representing gas producers.

    The report was based primarily on the first three quarters of 2019, which ended March 31.

    The analysis looked at the companies in the energy sector that reported profits for each of the three years.

    The study doesn’t include any companies that reported earnings before the fracking downturn, which could skew the numbers.

    “The numbers really don’t tell the whole story,” said Michael Liebman, a senior energy analyst at the Center.

    “There are other factors at play, too.”

    A lot of those companies are small and local, Liebmon said.

    For example, Marathon is one of only two U..

    S.-based companies that reports profits for the U-verse TV channel.

    The other, Chesapeake Energy, doesn’t.

    In its report, the Center said natural gas production was up in 20 states from 2020 to 2021.

    That’s a huge jump, Liebnation said.

    But there was a big drop in natural in 20 other states.

    That is not a sign of good news for producers, he said.

    “You have to remember that the UAW is one giant employer,” he said, referring to the union representing the gas industry.

    In 20 of those states, natural production declined, the report found.

    That means many people, especially in the Rust Belt, have lost jobs and their incomes.

    The biggest losers, according to the Center’s analysis, are companies that have made money from fracking.

    They made $8 billion from natural and $4 billion from other drilling in 20 of the states studied.

    It’s also an outlier in that it didn’t include gas-producing companies that made money by buying out competitors, like Chesapeake, Marathon or Marathon’s parent company.

    The Natural Gas Alliance did not respond to a request for comment.