Natural gas prices are still at record highs.

    But there are some signs of improvement.

    The cost of natural gas has declined by more than 30 percent since the beginning of the year.

    This includes a 25 percent drop in the price of natural to coal from $US5.40 per million British thermal units to $US2.65 per million.

    The price of the fuel also fell to $4.16 per million Btu from $4 a barrel, meaning natural gas is now cheaper than coal for many consumers.

    The US natural gas price has also dropped by nearly a third in the past year.

    The natural gas industry has also benefited from lower oil prices, partly because it has been able to lower the price paid for oil, the US energy industry’s most important commodity.

    “It’s a great time to be a natural gas consumer in the US,” said James Gee, senior energy analyst at energy consulting firm KPMG.

    But the price decline has been a boon to a handful of companies that produce natural gas.

    Gas company Exelon has seen a 15 percent price drop, according to Bloomberg data, but the company is still the most valuable natural gas producer in the world.

    Exelons US natural-gas holdings have risen by more in the first three months of the fiscal year than any other time since 2011, the year before President Donald Trump took office.

    Exels US natural and nuclear assets, including the Marcellus shale, are worth an estimated $US20.4 trillion.

    But Exel’s holdings in natural gas have been in decline.

    In December, Exel was bought by Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners for $US8.8 billion.

    In January, Exels parent company PJM said it was buying out Exel for $3.4 billion.

    But those deals were all in the energy sector, not the natural- gas sector.

    Exes share prices have fallen on many occasions in the last year.

    In November, the market was trading at a price of $US10.16, down by more $0.04 from a year earlier.

    In June, the natural gas market was at $US17.20, up by $0,02 from a month earlier.

    A drop in natural- and nuclear-sector prices also contributed to a rise in gas prices in February, when natural-solar and nuclear stocks plunged by more then a third.

    However, some analysts have said that a decline in the market may have more to do with the US shale boom, which is still in its early stages.

    “Natural gas will still be the biggest natural gas supplier in the United States in the long term, so natural gas demand will continue to grow, but it’s unlikely that the natural market will respond to that growth,” said Mr Gee.

    That’s because the US is still recovering from a historic gas shortage, which started in 2016.

    A number of other factors are also influencing natural-and nuclear-related natural-supply prices.

    For one thing, natural-source coal prices have increased dramatically in recent years.

    In 2018, the average price of a tonne of coal, the most common fuel used in coal-fired power stations, was $US1.50 per tonne.

    But coal prices fell by more more than 50 percent over the next three years, falling by a total of almost $US700 billion.

    The decline in natural supply means natural-price spikes are still occurring, which means that natural gas could benefit from the same effect.

    In October, the Natural Gas Industry Association (NGIA) warned that “supply disruptions will likely occur over the coming months as the U.S. and world economies struggle with the aftermath of the severe natural gas shortages.”

    The NGI also said the US natural market could see “significant price spikes” over the first half of 2019, although there is “limited reason to expect price rises to be as severe as they have been recently”.

    In October last year, NGI said the price spike would likely continue, but that the US could still see prices drop to around $US4 per million BCtu by the end of the summer.

    “While the price increase could have a significant impact on gas prices, the potential for price declines is minimal and the potential impacts to the supply chain and market fundamentals are limited,” the NGI’s report said.

    That means the natural price spike could be limited to the energy-sector.

    There are some other factors that are also contributing to higher natural-spike prices in the natural and natural-nuclear markets.

    One is the rapid development of shale gas, which has become the dominant source of natural-energy supplies in the U, particularly in the wake of the shale boom.

    The boom has been fueled by cheaper natural-resources and increased use of electric power generation.

    In the past two years, US shale gas production has quadrupled, to 1.9 billion barrels a day. And


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