The explosion at a natural gas processing plant in Florida has residents and environmentalists concerned about the health of the environment.

    The blast at a Florida natural gas facility was initially described as an explosion of natural gas and that the explosion occurred in the city of Orlando, Florida, but a spokesperson for the state’s Bureau of Emergency Management and Emergency Services said that the report was inaccurate.

    According to ABC affiliate WKMG, a spokesperson with the Bureau of Environmental Protection said that an explosion was not expected at the facility, but that an alert had been issued for residents.

    The bureau said that they were monitoring the area for an explosion and were continuing to monitor the situation.

    The explosion occurred at a facility that uses natural gas for electricity.

    According to ABC News, the company said that it was the third natural gas-related explosion in Florida in the past week.

    The Florida Department of Environmental Conservation said that its investigation into the explosion was ongoing and that it will review the situation in greater detail.

    According the Associated Press, a fire is currently burning at the plant and is threatening nearby homes.

    The Bureau of Natural Resources and the Florida Department the Bureau is the state agency that regulates natural gas drilling, pipelines, and the electricity industry.

    The bureau regulates natural energy production and has issued nearly $2.5 billion in permits in recent years.