Natural gas leaks in California are costing consumers $1.1 billion to clean up, according to a report from the state’s natural gas regulator.

    The report, released Thursday, also found that the state has had nearly 500 natural gas leaks, which have damaged hundreds of homes and caused more than a dozen injuries.

    “While we recognize the urgency of the situation, we believe that the most effective approach to address the issues of natural gas leakage is for the state to take a more aggressive approach,” said Tom Carrasco, executive director of the California Gas and Electric Commission.

    The commission, a state agency, is responsible for regulating natural gas utilities.

    The agency, which regulates more than 5,000 gas companies and gas stations, also said that the average amount of natural-gas leakage in California is about 20,000 cubic feet per day.

    The California Department of Public Utilities says it is working to find more homes for repairs, and said it is evaluating how to address leaks in more remote communities.