New Jersey has been working to bring gas to the state for nearly 40 years.

    But last year, it got hit by a massive natural gas leak that threatened to shut down the entire power grid.

    New Jersey Power said it was forced to close some of its natural gas transmission lines in the state.

    A few months later, New Jersey’s gas market became a big story again.

    That’s when the company that supplies gas to New Jersey decided to do something different.

    It decided to install a natural gas lighting system that will help keep the lights on at night.

    The company has called it the “world’s first natural gas lights installation.”

    New Jersey Power installed the system at the request of the state and federal government, and is now charging customers for the privilege.

    According to a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman, the installation was supposed to cost $100,000, but the state agreed to pay about $1.3 million.

    It’s not the first time a company has gone the natural gas route.

    In 2015, the New York Times reported that the state of Pennsylvania was considering installing a natural Gas Lighting system that would cost $2 million to install.

    It didn’t get approved because the company’s goal was to be the first company to install the technology in the United States.

    New York Gov.

    Andrew Cuomo has said the company should have received a permit earlier because it would have been cheaper.