Natural gas consumption in the US fell for the first time in six months in January, according to a new report by the Energy Information Administration.

    The agency said in a release that US natural gas demand is falling by around 0.6% year-on-year in January.

    The decrease comes amid a drop in global demand, as countries around the world push back against the effects of climate change.

    Natural gas prices are also falling in the United States, as consumers seek to cut their bills and pay for renewable energy.

    The decline in natural gas usage is expected to continue through February, according the report.

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    The drop is mainly attributed to the increase in renewable energy, as more people switch to rooftop solar panels.

    The US has the second-highest percentage of households in the world with solar panels, behind Germany, the report said.

    The US has a relatively high percentage of its energy needs met by wind, geothermal, and nuclear energy, which together account for the largest percentage of total US electricity generation.

    The other major sources of electricity generation are natural gas and hydropower.