Natural gas prices have been plunging across the nation.

    Prices have dropped from $4 a million British thermal units to $2 a million, and the price is now $2.60 a million a million.

    And this summer, prices are expected to fall even more, according to a new report from The Energy Information Administration.

    The price of natural gas, which has fallen from a peak of $4.75 a million to $3.50 a million this summer.

    The agency expects prices to fall below $3 a million by the end of 2019.

    And with that drop, the average price of a gallon of natural-gas will drop to $1.89 by the middle of 2020.

    The report also says that the average cost of naturalgas has dropped from about $2 to $ 1.80 a gallon in recent months, and that natural gas prices are projected to continue to fall.

    So, what can you expect from natural gas this summer?

    Well, you can expect prices to drop again this summer as natural gas producers in the U.S. increase production and install new infrastructure to boost demand.

    Natural gas has also been a key part of energy supply in the last few years.

    Last year, the price of the natural gas in the market was $1 a million b/d, and according to The Energy Department, the natural-gases market will be a key factor in determining the price for the next decade.

    That means natural gas could be a major factor for the future of the U,S.

    energy sector.

    Natural Gas Prices and the Economy The energy industry has been grappling with a natural gas price slump for the last several years.

    Prices are expected in 2019 to drop to a low of $1 per million bm.

    The U.K. and other European countries are now looking to cut their own gas production in an attempt to bring down the natural Gas Price to a more sustainable level.

    The Energy Independence and Security Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump in May, will set new goals for energy production.

    It aims to cut the U