article The New Age movement is all about finding a way to live off the land.

    And that’s exactly what a number of people in Canada are working on.

    The idea is that we have a lot of land and it is being abused by corporations and the government to extract energy.

    It is called “land-based” energy, and it’s basically an extraction method of fossil fuels, mainly coal, oil and natural gas.

    The people behind the movement say it is a good thing because it can help the environment and the economy and we need to start taking responsibility for our own resources.

    They also argue that there is a real chance we will be able to develop our own resource, which will mean more jobs and higher wages.

    They say it could open up new markets for Canadian resources.

    But with the government now under attack for allowing oil exploration on land, they say there are still questions about how we are going to get the land and resources we want.

    One of the things that’s been debated is whether we should get out of our cars and leave the cars on the land, because it could be too dangerous to drive around on the roads.

    And so, the idea is to develop an environmentally friendly way of living that will help us do that.

    The movement is gaining traction in Canada as well.

    The province of Alberta has been putting out a new version of the Land Based Energy (LBE) program that will allow people to leave their cars on land and get an electricity connection from a renewable source.

    It’s the first province to do so.

    The LBE program is an interesting example of a movement that is moving forward in Canada.

    Many of the ideas that are being advocated here seem to be fairly mainstream, even though they may not necessarily fit the mainstream.

    For example, the Land based Energy program, like many other programs, allows people to sell their land to others for a profit.

    People can buy out their leases and pay them off and get some of their money back.

    The program allows people with large amounts of land to sell some of that land to companies that will extract energy from it and use the revenue to pay for things like roads, schools, health care and more.

    The Land based energy program is a big part of the land-based energy movement.

    There are a number companies involved in this, including TransCanada, the oil company that owns and operates the Keystone XL pipeline, the company that is proposing to build the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    The land-powered energy movement is also gaining traction among environmentalists.

    The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association has been advocating for the land based energy movement for years.

    There is a group of about 500 people that are part of it called the Landbased Energy Action Network.

    It includes groups like the Earth First!

    group and others like the EcoPeace group.

    It also has chapters all over Canada, but these groups are really trying to reach out to people in the mainstream of Canadian politics, such as politicians.

    “It’s a very young movement that has a lot to learn about how to move forward,” says Michael Sivak, the group’s founder and executive director.

    “But it has a real opportunity to help the climate and the planet.”

    The group is also working to push for the federal government to move on from the oil and gas boom, something it says is being done on land.

    “We see a lot more land being used for energy extraction than is actually needed and this is something we can start working on,” says Sivar.

    And there is one company in particular that has been working on this.

    The company is called Terra Nova, which is a small oil company based in B.C. Its business is based around the exploration and extraction of oil and minerals in the Arctic.

    It was created by the billionaire brothers Jim and Doug Preston.

    Jim Preston, who was one of the first investors in the company, founded the company in 1985.

    He was a major player in Canada’s oil and energy boom, having started Terra Nova in 1988.

    But it took a couple of years for Terra Nova to really catch on.

    In the late 1990s, the energy sector in Canada was on the rise.

    There was a lot going on in Canada, and many companies were looking for ways to get their products into the market.

    Terra Nova was one big company looking for a way into the energy market.

    Jim and his brother Doug had bought a small exploration company called the Linton Brothers, which was based in British Columbia.

    The brothers were a couple people with a lot in common and their vision was to build a company that would work in the oil sands of Alberta.

    They had a very strong connection to the region, having worked with the company there on the development of a major oil sands development project.

    So they decided to take the idea to the federal level.

    They were in talks with a number different federal governments about getting their energy needs met, but were never really able to secure the federal investment.

    That changed in 2005 when the then prime minister, Stephen Harper, became interested in


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