The world’s first solar power installation on an electric home has taken off.

    The installation of a solar-powered water heater on a house on a rural Louisiana property in December took a team of engineers six months to complete.

    The project is a collaboration between Louisiana Power and Light and the Solar Energy Industries Association, and is part of a larger effort to harness renewable energy.

    The team of researchers and designers from Louisiana Power & Light’s Energy Division, Energy Infrastructure, and Energy Research Group came up with a concept to connect to an electric grid, which then feeds power into the home’s heating and cooling systems.

    The company hopes to sell its solar technology to homeowners in the near future.

    It was a bit of a shock for the researchers to see that solar energy was such a viable solution for the project.

    It was just so obvious, they said.

    There was no one in their office that had done any of that research.

    In the U.S., the average household consumes roughly 8 gigawatts of solar energy per year, according to the Solar Power Association.

    In Louisiana, the average is 2.7 gigawatts.

    A few years ago, the Louisiana Power&Light Energy Division announced it would be opening up a solar farm at its headquarters.

    In the end, it took more than six months for the company to get the green light to plant a solar array at its own plant in the New Orleans suburb of Gascoyne, the New York Times reported.

    But the project was completed in June 2017, with a goal to install an array at a house in 2020.

    The New Orleans facility has been designed with a wide variety of technologies in mind, including natural gas, wind, and hydroelectricity.

    The solar panel installation, which was installed in a large garage, can produce as much as 100 kilowatts of power.

    To install the solar array, a technician in Louisiana PowerandLight built a new solar panel that uses a laser beam to capture the sun’s rays and then turns it into electricity.

    The laser beam can then be used to drive the solar panel’s motors.

    Solar power is a big deal in Louisiana, because it’s cheap, renewable, and efficient.

    A solar array can be installed in just a few hours, with solar panels being installed in houses with only a few panels.

    Louisiana Power& Light and Energy Infrastructure teamed up to get their project approved.

    The New Orleans-based company expects to see about $1 million in savings for homeowners.

    In 2020, they will have installed solar panels in a total of 100,000 homes in the state.


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