It’s a tricky task.

    We don’t know how much energy is being used or where it’s going.

    We have no idea where it is going to come from.

    We can’t even figure out how much is coming from somewhere else.

    This week, a new project, one that’s still in its early stages, will help answer all of those questions.

    It’s called the Solar Impulse 2, and it’s the latest step toward unlocking all that energy potential.

    The first Solar Impulsive, in 2015, was a successful flight over Antarctica.

    But the Solar IMPUSions will travel farther and faster than ever before, reaching the farthest point in the world that has yet to be visited.

    If you live in a part of the world where the sun isn’t shining, you’ll have access to power from all over the globe.

    The project will start by launching the world’s first large-scale solar thermal power plant.

    That plant, which is powered by wind, will be located at the edge of the Andes, a volcanic plateau that’s home to some of the most active volcanoes on Earth.

    The thermal plant, called the Terra Nova, is powered entirely by solar energy, which could help fuel the Solar System and the future of humanity.

    It will also be able to capture and store some of that energy in the form of carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen gas.

    It also will be able use some of this energy to power the solar panels that are powering the Solar Immersion Station, a prototype that will be attached to the plane.

    These panels will be the first of a much larger solar-powered fleet that the Solar Impressions will use to power their missions around the world.

    That fleet will be bigger than ever.

    The Solar Impulsion 2 will be powered by 1,200 solar panels covering roughly three miles of ocean.

    This solar thermal plant will be powering a large portion of that solar thermal energy, with a total area of about 6,000 square miles.

    It should be able power at least one of the SolarImpusions flights by 2035.

    The solar thermal project is a long way from being a reality.

    The last solar thermal demonstration took place in January, and the project is far from finished.

    The team has still to install all of the solar thermal plants, install the spacecraft, and test the systems that will power them.

    But Solar Impusions founder and CEO, Bertrand Piccard, says that the first Solar IMPusions will be on the way, and that the team will have a plan to get the solar power system built and deployed in time for the next Solar Impulses.

    In fact, Piccard says the Solar Project will be operational by 2026.

    So this solar thermal solar power plant project, the SolarImperium 2, is the most ambitious project of the team’s solar energy future.

    “I would say we’re probably on track to launch the first solar thermal thermal plant in the next few years,” says Piccard.

    It is also the first project in which the solar technology involved is fully commercialized.

    The technology is a form of solar thermal that is made by combining sunlight with steam from a gas turbine.

    Solar thermal is relatively cheap to build, but it requires a lot of energy to operate.

    The cost of the fuel for this system is a relatively low amount.

    “We have a lot more fuel to burn than other energy sources,” says Tom Sorensen, the chief executive of Solar Impacts Energy, the group that will operate the solar-thermal plant.

    “There is a lot less energy needed to power a solar thermal system.”

    So why are they building it?

    In 2014, Sorenersen told The Verge that the solar industry had been “laying low.”

    There had been a lack of innovation and the price of solar panels had been falling.

    That lack of growth meant that solar energy had been pushed into niche applications, like powering light-emitting diodes.

    The companies behind Solar Impuses Energy had already been building small solar thermal farms and solar thermal turbines in California for years.

    But these projects didn’t produce enough electricity to power every household in the US.

    That meant solar thermal was essentially a dead end.

    So Solar Impoves Energy looked to the solar energy market to make money.

    It began looking for new markets to expand its market.

    It was looking to develop new solar technologies to produce power in places like the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic, and to do so with less cost than traditional energy sources like coal.

    The company approached the Energy Department, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and various state governments.

    It made a deal with the US Department of Energy, which has an enormous power plant in West Virginia that uses solar energy.

    It had an offer from the state of Texas to build a similar power plant at the Texas Power Plant, in Fort Worth.

    “They were looking to get us in to a market that they were interested in,” says Sorenesen. Texas


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