Former Texas Gov.

    Willie Williams said he was not going away from his opposition to a California natural-gas pipeline, despite a recent surge in the number of people signing petitions calling on him to do so.

    Williams said Tuesday that he would vote for a proposal that would allow the Northern California pipeline to continue under Lake Powell, a project that would be in the pipeline’s path.

    “I am not going back on my promise,” Williams said at a press conference.

    “That pipeline is going to be the most critical infrastructure in the United States.” “

    The pipeline would pass through California’s Northern and Central regions. “

    That pipeline is going to be the most critical infrastructure in the United States.”

    The pipeline would pass through California’s Northern and Central regions.

    Williams was the first governor to oppose the Northern and Southern California pipelines, and he has repeatedly expressed concerns about the Northern pipeline’s impact on water supplies in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

    In a recent interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Williams said that while he has never endorsed a particular pipeline, he was open to the Northern project and said that it “will be built on water that is a part of the Pacific Ocean, not a part that is protected by the federal government.”

    The Southern California Pipeline has faced several lawsuits in recent years, and a federal judge in 2016 ordered that it be delayed until a decision is made on a Northern pipeline.

    Williams also said that if he were to win reelection next year, he would seek to remove the pipeline from the ballot and replace it with a statewide energy plan that includes a plan to move power from the oil and gas industry to the grid.

    In the past, Williams has been outspoken about his opposition in recent weeks to a Northern and Northern Southern California pipeline project.

    In October, he said that “the only way to save our air and our water is to shut it down” and that he hoped to prevent a California pipeline from being built.

    But he also told The Associated Press that he supported the Southern California project.

    “It’s an incredible energy project.

    It’s going to create jobs, it’s going be a great way to move more energy to the state, it has the potential to reduce emissions, it will provide us with electricity for a lot of people, it’ll provide us a cleaner energy source,” Williams told the AP.

    “This is a good project, I hope it goes ahead.

    I think it’s the right thing to do.”


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