The game is called “Bloomberg Natural Gas Range” and it looks to be a mix between a Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, with players controlling one of two different types of gas exploration platforms.

    The player will have to navigate through a wide variety of natural gas fields, each with different types and depths of gas, to extract it.

    Each of the different platforms has a different type of gas that can be found at different depths and geologic formations, making exploration quite challenging.

    The game has an overall length of 4 hours, and is available on Steam for $20.

    “It’s a pretty cool concept, but we wanted to really take advantage of the platforming gameplay,” Blumberg founder and CEO Rob Blum said in a statement.

    “We’re going to take the core mechanics and build it into the world.”

    This game is actually a bit of a mix of Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft, which is why Blumberg developed the platform in the first place.

    “There’s a ton of overlap between the two, so the core mechanic of a lot of the game is similar, but it’s actually the gameplay that we wanted the player to do,” he said.

    “The gameplay mechanics are pretty similar to the gameplay mechanics from Plants vs, but the platformer is the game.”

    “You get to be pretty good at navigating and mining, which makes for a really fun, fast-paced game,” he added.

    Blumberg will be hosting a demo on Twitch for the next week, and he said it’s been a lot more fun than he ever anticipated.

    He said he’s planning to continue to expand the game, with plans to release on other platforms.

    “It’s pretty much a one-time thing,” he told Polygon.

    “If we get a lot people to play it, we’ll do a sequel, but right now, we just have one.”

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