spire,nfl,nfld source The Washington Post title NFL’s spire ‘natural gas alert’ system is on fire article NFL players were given a heads up last week that their teams were experiencing an unusual spike in natural gas prices.

    The league and the National Football League Players Association are offering a $1.25 billion fund for the next five years to help offset the surge.

    It’s the largest such funding for the sport.

    In an effort to address the spike, the NFL is working with an alliance of companies and researchers to analyze data, develop an “automated pricing mechanism,” and develop tools for players to use.

    That’s according to league spokesman Michael Signora.

    The NFL is also looking into the potential for a cap on the amount of natural gas a team can use at any one time.

    Spire Natural Gas, which is based in Dallas, is part of a partnership between Spire and the Natural Gas Association of America.

    The group says it’s been providing “technical support” to the NFL for about three years.

    Its website includes a tool that allows users to customize their own pricing, as well as provide feedback to the league about how the price is being distributed.

    “We are very excited to see how these new tools are being used and are excited to partner with our partners to help our players and their families better understand and adapt to these new realities,” Spire CEO Eric Stoltz told Fortune.

    The tool, which can be used in the league’s mobile app or the NFL’s website, is the first time the NFL has taken a step like this to help players.

    “As a leader in natural resource markets, the National Hockey League has a proven track record of supporting natural gas markets to help reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy, and we have long been the nation’s leader in providing this service to our players,” Stoltzer said in a statement.

    “Our goal is to continue to lead the way by providing a transparent and accurate pricing mechanism for our players.

    We have invested heavily in research and development to build this platform, which has helped us identify the most effective and efficient pricing methods, and have been able to provide this tool to our teams for the last three years.”

    The partnership with the NFL came after the league released a statement this week announcing that players will receive a $25 gift card to use when they’re buying gas online.

    The statement said that the gift card will be available to players who sign up for a free membership at www.nfl.com/gas or www.naturalgaswireless.com.

    The gift card is only valid for purchases made online, not through a store.

    It also has no limit on how much a player can buy a year, and can be redeemed for gas and other goods.

    The goal is for players who use natural gas in a regular way to save money, but not necessarily for those who only buy it to get a discount on gas.

    “This is about keeping our players’ prices low,” said Kevin O’Leary, a vice president of research and technology at Spire.

    “What we want to do is make sure our players can take advantage of this and be able to save on gas when they are at home.

    And we want them to be able also to save some money when they get to the game.”

    Spire also announced that it would be adding an additional $2 billion in incentives to its customers this season, with $1 million going to those who use the natural gas service most frequently.

    The total value of the new incentives is expected to be $12 billion.

    Spires’ move to partner up with the National Energy Board is one of several initiatives the league is taking to mitigate the natural-gas spike.

    Earlier this year, the league announced it would begin offering customers of its gas-powered electric vehicles incentives up to $500 a year for the use of the electric vehicles.

    “The National Energy Review, which covers natural gas and electric vehicle technologies, has identified several key drivers for the current gas spike,” the league said in its statement.

    Spirts latest partnership is aimed at making it easier for the league to get the information it needs from its customers.

    The National Energy Advisory Committee (NEAC), which is chaired by New Jersey Gov.

    Chris Christie, was created last year to help the league better understand natural gas.

    Last month, the NEAC released a report on natural gas pricing that included a report that said natural gas accounted for about half of the $8.6 billion in gas-related spending in the U.S. in 2015.

    Last year, Spire hired an outside firm to conduct a survey to gather more information about how players are using natural gas at home, the report said.

    Spine Natural Gas will also be working with the Natural Resources Defense Council, a public-interest law firm, to develop a tool to help teams better manage natural-


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