Bellevue’s new natural gas pipeline is set to be completed by 2020, with the city getting a long-awaited natural gas export pipeline for its residents.

    The city council approved a plan Tuesday that would provide new gas pipeline service to the Bellevue-Puyallup metro area and surrounding communities through a joint venture with the Northwest Natural Gas Company.

    The project will be a joint effort between the city and the Northwest natural gas company.

    It will cost $50 million to build and be completed in 2021, and is expected to create nearly 400 jobs, Mayor Ron Siegel said.

    Siegel said the company will provide up to 50 percent of the gas for the pipeline.

    The company is also providing an infrastructure to connect the pipeline to its existing natural gas transmission lines.

    Seattle will have access from its existing pipeline to Lake Washington and the Spokane River.

    The pipeline will go through the Puyallups area, connecting to the Northwest’s existing gas transmission system and to its new natural-gas export pipeline.

    It will also connect to the existing natural-gase pipeline that connects the region to the Puget Sound.

    The joint venture will require approval from the State Department of Transportation.

    The company is planning to begin construction of a natural-Gas export pipeline that will link to the city’s existing pipeline, and will be completed within two years.


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