An energy company is looking to the Paris-area for help in revamping its plant in Florida.

    The Paris-headquartered Avista Energy said it will open a plant in Orlando in 2019 and expects to create more than 1,000 jobs, including some in the energy field.

    The project is the first major facility Avista has opened in the U.S. since it was established in 2007.

    It said it plans to use the facility to create 10 permanent jobs.

    Avista, based in South Florida, is one of the largest natural gas producers in the country, and the Paris project is a boost to its operations in the state, Avista President David Mazzarella said.

    The Avista plant will produce natural gas at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

    Avistas CEO Michael Gifford said the company expects the project will be one of Avista’s largest in the world.

    The facility, which will have three underground storage tanks, will also be used to store natural gas produced from a project in Quebec.

    Avistana’s project has been on hold in Florida since the federal government shut down its operations due to climate change.

    Avista currently has facilities in South Dakota and Texas.

    Aviada said it has completed work at its plant, which is located in South Daytona Beach, but no timeline has been set for when the facility will be operational.

    Ava is a subsidiary of Avistal, the parent company of Natural Gas America Inc. Avica said it expects to start operating the plant by mid-2020.

    Avasta said it is committed to meeting the requirements of the Paris Agreement, which includes making progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change, and has set an ambitious target of reducing its emissions by 25 percent by 2020.

    The company said it also expects to invest in new technologies and create new jobs.

    It will be the second project Avista and Avista-owned gas facility, Avistanas Lakeview, has opened.

    The Florida plant in March began producing natural gas to meet growing demand for electricity in the region.

    In June, Avastas Lakefront Station opened at Avista.

    Avisa said it anticipates that the Lakefront facility will generate approximately 6.5 million megawatts of electricity in 2021, which equates to roughly 20 percent of the company’s total power generation capacity.

    The Lakefront plant, the company said, will help Avista meet its 2020 target of generating 25 percent of its power from natural gas.

    Avismax is a unit of Aviadia.

    Avia, which has been owned by Avista since 2006, has its own plant in South Carolina, which it expects will generate 10 million megawatt-hours of electricity.

    Avis Lakefront and Lakefront are among the largest facilities in the United States.

    Avira Energy said its Lakefront project will create about 1,200 permanent jobs and is expected to create at least 150 permanent jobs in the natural gas industry.

    The plant, located in Tampa, is the largest project in Avistas portfolio and Avira’s fourth facility in the Gulf of Mexico, after a facility in Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

    Aviaras plant in Alabama also will have two storage tanks.

    The Alabama facility will produce more than 9 million megaws of natural gas annually and will employ roughly 6,400 people, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Development said in a news release.

    The Georgia facility, the agency said, is expected with a capacity of 10 million kilowatt-hour per year.

    Aviva has four other projects planned in the Atlantic Ocean region.

    One is a plant that will produce about 4 million megajoules of electricity per year in the Caribbean and Gulf of Aden region.

    The second project is to build an export terminal in the Bahamas that will export natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Caribbean.


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