The natural gas market has been a bit of a wild card this year.

    The last time a major energy company said that it was going to ramp up production and sell natural gas was back in October, when the natural gas futures market opened.

    This year, the market has seen a number of natural gas announcements from companies, but none of them has been quite as big as this one.

    It was announced by Enbridge on October 16th, and has been widely anticipated by analysts and the general public.

    Now, Enbridge is announcing a significant increase in natural gas production in Canada, with an announcement that will be big news for the industry.

    Enbridge has been adding natural gas to its natural gas mix for more than a decade now, and it has ramped up its natural-gas output every year since 2008.

    Envisage Canada, Envisagewas Enbridge’s natural gas division, announced on Wednesday that it had increased its natural production by 7.7 million cubic feet per day (Mcfd) in the first half of this year, with a target of a further increase in 2017.

    It said that the new capacity would help it meet its target of increasing natural gas output from 1.7 Mcfd to 2.8 Mcfcds in 2018.

    In other words, the new natural gas will now be able to be used for heating the home, not only as a coolant but also as an additive in cooking.

    Envigewas saying that it expects to increase its natural natural gas use to about 8.2 million Mcfds for the rest of this fiscal year, a goal that has been previously set for 2021.

    It is clear that the Canadian natural gas industry is not happy with this increase in production. 

    The Canadian Natural Gas Association (CNGAA) has also been vocal about its concerns about the increase in gas use, and is urging the government to make it less profitable for the natural-Gas Industry to drill for natural gas in Alberta.

    The CNGAA is calling for the government to stop buying natural gas from companies in Alberta who have been drilling for natural- gas and will increase the price for natural natural- Gas to support the natural industry.

    “This is a good thing, but we have concerns that it will push the natural resource sector further into bankruptcy,” said CNGAAA President Dan Smith. 

    Smith said that Envisaging Canada’s announcement was not a good sign for the energy sector in Canada.

    “We know that Enbridge will continue to ramp production up, and will likely increase production again in the future,” he said.

    “That said, the natural supply glut is still an issue, and there is a need to diversify and diversify in the energy markets to support our economy.” 

    Smith has long called for a moratorium on the oil and gas industry drilling for new natural-source energy.

    “The natural gas sector is not the natural energy sector,” Smith said.

    The Natural Gas Pipeline and LNG Expansion Program has been in operation since 2011, but has been criticized by some for the slow pace of construction, which has left many gas wells running dry.

    The pipeline is supposed to deliver liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Alberta’s oil sands, but it has been plagued by problems, including leaks and delays.

    In the end, Envogewas hoping to ramp more natural gas into the system by adding to its existing capacity.

    In a statement, Enviagew said that, after the natural resources minister made the announcement, Envinogews pipeline was “well on track to be operational in 2020.” 

    In other news, the Federal government announced that it would cut its carbon emissions by 7% by 2020. 

    The Federal government has been working on its Clean Power Plan for years, but this week, it unveiled its final plan.

    This plan includes rules for new coal-fired power plants, but also a new rule for gas-fired plants. 

    While coal is still the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada (with 8.6 million Mfds of CO2 per year), gas will account for a large part of Canada’s energy mix by 2020, according to the government.

    The federal government has said that if it follows the new plan, it will cut emissions by 5.6% by 2030, and 7% of CO02 per year by 2030.

    On the surface, the proposed changes seem to be in line with what some have called the Paris Agreement.

    The Paris Agreement sets emission targets for 2020, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

    This includes new coal plants, as well as new gas plants.

    The deal includes emission reductions from coal, and from oil and natural gas.

    But the Paris agreement also includes emission cuts from nuclear power, wind, solar, and carbon capture and storage. 

     The agreement also allows countries to develop new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. It


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