By 2030, the world will be able to produce enough oil and gas to meet the countrys energy needs.

    But will the United States follow suit?

    The answer is a resounding no.

    The U.S. currently relies on a handful of countries that export a fraction of their proven reserves for its energy needs, including Russia and Saudi Arabia.

    Russia has pledged to build more than 60 gigawatts of new natural gas storage in the next decade.

    Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, has committed to build nearly 1,000 gigawatts.

    These commitments are the most recent and the biggest to date in the country’s long-term energy strategy.

    The strategy has been in place since 2015, when then-President Donald Trump signed a deal with Russia to build an energy pipeline from the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean.

    The plan was to increase domestic energy production from the oil sands to the European Union and beyond.

    Trump’s plan was criticized by environmental groups and the U.N., which have called it a massive pipeline that would destroy the environment and threaten water supplies.

    In January, the U,S.

    Energy Information Administration (EIA) revised its estimates of the global oil and natural gas reserves.

    It now estimates that the world has about 2,300 trillion cubic feet of oil and 2,700 trillion cubic yards of natural gas in storage.

    The EIA’s estimate is a revision from its 2015 estimate, which called the world at roughly 2,500 trillion cubic meters of oil, 1,900 trillion cubic-feet of natural, and 740 trillion cubic tons of coal reserves.

    The revisions are intended to reflect the fact that more gas is being produced in the Middle East and Asia.

    The revised estimate of the world in reserves is actually lower, according to EIA data, as a result of the development of new production sources.

    That has not stopped Trump and his administration from pushing for more gas.

    In the White House’s State of the Union address last year, Trump said he would “renegotiate the Paris climate agreement, which would bring the U of S. closer to its goal of reaching 1 million tons of CO2-equivalent emissions per year by 2050.”

    The White House is also pushing to increase U.C. Davis’ reserves, which is the largest university in the U-S.

    It has about 5,400 trillion cubic foot of reserves, and is the world leader in solar energy.

    Trump has also proposed increasing domestic production, particularly by the U.,S.

    military, and by foreign governments that have invested in infrastructure.

    The administration has also pledged to invest $1 trillion in clean energy, according, in part, to “investment in energy-efficient technology that can help reduce carbon pollution, reduce air pollution and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources.”

    The plan has been widely criticized as a giveaway to foreign energy interests and is a major reason why the U’s oil production has fallen, and its dependence on foreign sources has grown.

    The United States is now the worlds third largest producer of natural-gas, behind Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    But it is also one of the most dependent on oil.

    The amount of oil that is produced in each of the countries where gas is extracted is much greater than the amount of natural resources in the world, according a recent report from the International Energy Agency.

    The report also found that the U is currently the largest importer of oil in the entire world.

    The reason is simple: the U produces far more oil than it can use and can’t export to other countries.

    And that’s true even when the U has a significant domestic market for its oil.

    It is in this situation that Russia has set a target to increase its production by 10 percent a year for the next five years.

    It already is producing more than half of its oil and is on track to produce more than 100 billion cubic feet per day in 2020, according the IEA.

    The IEA says the goal of a 10 percent growth rate is ambitious, but the U should be able fulfill it if it is willing to invest in clean-energy technology and is willing not to rely on fossil fuels.

    But the Trump administration is not willing to do that. The White


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