The president and first lady are calling for a federal emergency in the state of New York that would allow emergency personnel to operate on public property in emergencies.

    The move comes after the governor announced a state of emergency Thursday morning and the New York State Police said the federal government is now “all but certain” to step in to restore power.

    The governor also announced that federal emergency personnel were on standby in the wake of the disaster, which left more than 70,000 people without power.


    Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday night that he would not seek the aid of the federal authorities until the state could restore power to everyone, with the possibility of using local resources.

    The state of Emergency declared Thursday evening, which means that emergency officials can take action without having to wait for state or federal permission.

    Cuomo has said that emergency response teams are in the process of getting up and running and have already begun setting up temporary shelters in the city.

    The governor said he would ask the federal emergency management agency to begin coordinating with New York City and other states and territories, including New York, in the response.

    The order also gives the president the power to declare a state or emergency, which Cuomo has done several times in recent days.

    “Our first priority should be the well-being of New Yorkers, and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of New New Yorkers,” Cuomo said in a statement Wednesday.

    Cuomo said he spoke with the president earlier Thursday and asked for his help in order to help those who have been displaced and have nowhere else to go.

    The president has said he has the authority to take military action if the federal state of emergencies were declared in his state.

    Cuomo, a Democrat, said he will meet with Trump at the White House on Friday to discuss the emergency order.

    The New York Times reported that the president would also seek a declaration from the federal Emergency Management Agency, which is tasked with coordinating the state response.

    The president is scheduled to meet with the governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine on Friday.

    President Donald Trump is expected to speak with Gov.

    Andrew J. Cuomo (D-N.Y.) at the Oval Office of the White Houses in Washington, Thursday, March 8, 2019.

    President Trump said Wednesday that the federal National Guard is deployed to New York to help with the power outage.

    He has said the Guard is not involved in the governor’s decision.

    Cuomio announced earlier Thursday that he is asking state officials to use public-private partnerships, or P3s, to help rebuild power in the region.

    The plan calls for the use of money from the U.S. Treasury and a $1.4 billion fund from the state.

    The P3 would be financed by an estimated $300 million from the states electricity bill.

    The states share in the funding would depend on how many power plants are needed.

    The governors office said in an email that P3 was “not an option” for New York at this time.

    Cuomo said Thursday he has also asked state officials for help to help restore power and he has been working with state lawmakers to coordinate their help.

    The White House said it was aware of the governor and the president’s concerns.

    The administration said it is working with the governor to provide emergency assistance and will provide further details when the president receives them.

    In a statement, the White Street Institute, a liberal think tank, called for the president to ask Congress to approve emergency aid to help the state recover.

    The institute also noted that a number of governors have called for a declaration of a state emergency, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who was in New York on Wednesday.


    Cuomo and Dannel Malloy (D) issued a joint statement Wednesday night urging the president and Congress to pass a supplemental emergency funding package that would fund relief efforts.

    The joint statement said the state’s emergency response is a priority and that a state declaration of emergency is necessary as well as a declaration that federal personnel have been activated to support a state’s response.

    “We stand with the New Yorkers who are struggling to recover and recover, and with the residents who lost their homes, businesses, and schools, as well,” the statement said.

    “We urge Congress to authorize additional emergency funds to assist New York and other regions recover.”

    The White Street institute called for Cuomo and Malloy to ask lawmakers to approve a supplemental supplemental funding package for the state that would cover power restoration in the aftermath of the storm.

    The White Street statement said it would provide more details when Congress receives the supplemental emergency aid package.

    The statement said Cuomo and Molloy would be meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday morning to discuss a supplemental bill that would provide for a $2 billion supplemental emergency relief package.

    Ryan, a Republican who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is one of the leaders of a group of GOP lawmakers who have proposed a $500 billion supplemental bill to


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