The world’s largest producer of natural gas burns carbon dioxide in its production process to generate electricity.

    The emissions that come with the process are responsible for the climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our health and the future of our planet.

    In fact, the planet would be more robust if we were not emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    So how do we burn it cleanly?

    First, we need to understand how natural gas is created.

    It’s not like coal, where you start with a huge amount of coal and then burn it.

    Natural gas is produced by a process called hydrocarbons, or hydrocarbon-rich gas.

    We don’t have to worry about carbon pollution.

    In other words, the greenhouse gas that comes out of burning natural gas will not impact us.

    And if we could use natural gas to power the world’s economy, we’d be doing more good than harm.

    It takes a lot of natural resources, like natural gas, to make a ton of natural-gas.

    And when we can burn natural gas for electricity, we’re saving money on our energy bills.

    The Energy Information Administration, the federal government’s energy data agency, estimates that the United States produces about 1.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gasoline a day.

    In 2016, the United Kingdom burned about 3.4 trillion cubic yards of natural oil a day, or more than half of all oil consumed in the world.

    And as a result of our energy consumption, we emit about 30 trillion tons of CO2 each year, the equivalent of putting out over 100 million automobiles each year.

    The CO2 we emit from burning fossil fuels contributes to climate change and to other problems.

    But the carbon dioxide we’re emitting is not causing the problem we’re trying to solve.

    The reason natural gas does not contribute to global warming is because it doesn’t burn fossil fuels at all.

    When you burn natural-gases, the energy they produce comes from sunlight.

    The sun emits energy in the form of heat.

    When the sun’s rays hit the earth’s surface, they heat the soil.

    When sunlight hits a surface that’s not covered by a rock, it can be reflected back into space, where it heats up a rock.

    When this heat comes to the surface of the Earth, the rock absorbs some of the energy and emits more energy.

    Because of this process, natural gas releases about 10 percent of its energy when it is burned.

    The energy that’s released from natural gas can be harnessed for many uses.

    In a recent study, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that if natural gas was burned, the carbon released could be used to power electricity generation and use in building and manufacturing.

    And that would have a positive effect on the global climate.

    Natural-gas burning could also be used in manufacturing and in energy efficiency, since natural gas generates about three times as much energy when heated as when burned.

    When we burn natural gases for energy, the heat that comes from the sun is converted into electricity, which can then be stored.

    As an example, when the sun shines on a steel factory, about 30 percent of the heat energy is converted to electricity.

    And because of that conversion, steel production costs about 30 cents per kilowatt-hour, compared to about 12 cents for steel in the US.

    The amount of energy we generate from natural- gas is a result.

    But when we use it to power electric grids, we can also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

    For example, natural-hydrogen (NH4) plants can create hydrogen gas and convert it to electricity, as long as they are designed with the right amount of sunlight.

    If we could design natural-chemical plants to capture the sunlight and convert that energy into electricity and other useful energy, we could eliminate the need to use fossil fuels for electricity generation.

    And we could save money on the energy we use.

    But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use natural-Gas-burning to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel.

    We can use natural gases to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

    One of the things we can do is to use natural natural gas as a natural substitute for fossil fuels in our electrical generation system.

    A natural gas plant can use its own energy to create electricity.

    When natural gas plants produce electricity, they generate electricity from the heat of sunlight that is reflected back to space by the rocks on the surface.

    This heat can then flow back into the power grid.

    The process of capturing and converting the energy from the sunlight can also be applied to other industries, like making paper.

    When a plant produces electricity, it generates heat from the Sun and the Sun’s rays reflect back into time.

    That heat then travels back into a steel mill to be melted down and the metal can be recycled into other products.

    The carbon dioxide that is released by the process of extracting heat from sunlight is used to make electricity.

    But what about the carbon that the plant produces when it produces electricity?

    That carbon is stored in


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