A company that claims to be the nation’s premier natural gas sensor company has been accused of fraud and fraudulently selling bogus gas sensor products.

    The complaint was filed by the Natural Gas Scent Group, a subsidiary of the Natural Resource Defense Council, in the U., U.K. and Canada.

    The complaint accuses the company of misleading consumers by claiming its products are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which has a regulatory monopoly over the manufacture of these devices.

    The Natural Gas Sensor Group, which is based in the Bay Area, is owned by two California-based owners, John and Jody Meehan.

    The Meehans have made a name for themselves by claiming to be one of the most trusted and reputable companies in the world for the detection of natural gas leaks and other contaminants.

    John Meeham, president of the company, is listed as the CEO of the natural gas company.

    The company is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, and the company’s website lists its address as 1006 Alameda Street in Oakland, California.

    In its complaint, the NRDC alleges that the Meehs have engaged in “a series of fraudulent and deceptive conduct” that led to the company losing billions of dollars in revenue, as well as millions of dollars that it could have used to improve its environmental and safety records.

    “They have made misleading and deceptive statements to the public, and they have been dishonest with the IRS,” NRDC Deputy Legal Director Amy Hess said.

    “The Meehauses’ practices have not been limited to a single business, and we believe that other large companies that could have benefited from the products were also defrauded.

    The companies that have been defrapped include the EPA, the California Air Resources Board, the State of California, the state of Michigan, and many others.”

    In one of its marketing materials, the Natural Energy Scent Company stated that its gas smell sensor is “the most accurate gas detector on the market.”

    It is “unparalleled in accuracy and safety,” the company stated.

    But the company also claims that the device can detect “noxious gases such as methane, benzene, or sulfur dioxide,” and that its “gas sensor is more sensitive to low levels of ozone.”

    In addition, the company said, its product “will be the most reliable, accurate, and most cost-effective natural gas detector for years to come.”

    The NRDC has also accused the Mees of deceiving consumers into believing the devices are certified with NIOSH.

    It also accused them of “fraudulently claiming that the natural, natural gas industry requires certification,” the NRDSD said.

    The Natural Gas Sense Sensor has been widely used in the gas industry for years, and has been the subject of much scrutiny by regulatory authorities, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

    The NRDSL says that “NIOSH is not a regulator of this company and has no regulatory authority over its products.”

    The company has not responded to the NRDDSL’s accusations.


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