Natural gas companies paid $1.7 billion to cover the cost of natural gas leakages from wells in West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and New Mexico, according to a new report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

    The $1 billion figure includes $750 million paid to private contractors to do the work, as well as the costs of monitoring the wells and the cleanup.

    The report doesn’t detail how much natural gas was involved in the leak, but a separate report by the U,S.

    Department of Justice indicated that the leak was costing the industry more than $7 billion in lost economic activity.

    The industry has paid $4.8 billion to clean up the gas leaks.

    Natural gas production peaked in the mid-2000s, but production has fallen in recent years, according the EPA.

    Natural Gas Production and Supply, a group representing more than 2,500 U.s. natural gas producers, has said that it has been unable to meet production targets in the past two years, citing lower demand, lower supply and a slowing economy.

    The U. S. is also the world’s largest producer of natural and alternative fuels.