It’s been a tough few years for gas consumers, but some are hoping a new initiative could make a big difference.

    Gas efficiency is the process of using less energy to heat your home.

    While gas is generally considered a more environmentally friendly fuel, it has a lower efficiency, meaning it can produce more carbon dioxide and heat up your home faster.

    It’s a common misconception that gas efficiency means the amount of electricity it takes to heat a home.

    The real number is more like how much it costs to heat and cool a home, said Lisa McGlone, senior policy analyst at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    She explained that because gas is used so much less, it’s usually cheaper to get it from sources like the ocean.

    But gas has a much higher price tag, meaning if you’re going to heat it, you want to be able to afford it.

    “The biggest problem with the gas tax is that it’s just not a big enough source of savings for households,” McGlonie said.

    Some are hoping the new initiative, the New Zealand Gas Tax, can help lower prices for gas.

    It is one of a handful of tax breaks for fuel efficiency, but it is a large one.

    The New Zealand government hopes it will save families around $20 per year.

    That’s enough to cover a heating bill of about $700.

    But the cost of the tax is $2 per year, and you’ll have to pay the tax every month, McGlones said.

    She noted the tax isn’t for just the cost, but for how much energy it costs.

    “That’s where it’s most important.

    You have to keep that in mind, not just the price but also the time,” McGone said.”

    You need to remember that you’re only going to pay this once a year and that means you’ll probably have to buy the energy again.”

    The New York Times reported the average cost of heating in New Zealand is about $500 a year, with the average price of electricity in the country at $2.60 a month.

    That means a person with a one-person household will pay $7.70 a month for heating and $4.50 for electricity, according to the newspaper.

    The tax will be effective on Jan. 1, 2019.


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