A gas bill is going to cost more to run this summer in Georgia than it was a year ago.

    The average monthly bill for a residential gas bill in Georgia rose by more than $50 to $1,300 in April.

    A year ago, Georgia residents paid an average of $1.50 a month for a single month’s gas.

    The increase was not reflected in the average Georgia household.

    The price increase was the result of a combination of natural gas prices rising sharply from their peak in 2014, and the impact of rising costs from climate change.

    But that’s not all.

    The Georgia House of Representatives approved a bill that would reduce the amount of electricity produced from gas by 25 percent.

    That would make it less expensive for Georgia households to use gas than it would be without the new rule. 

    Georgia’s new energy law has become a lightning rod for controversy.

    The bill, which would repeal the state’s 2015 law limiting the amount that utilities can produce gas from their own natural gas wells, passed the House on a voice vote Tuesday.

    Georgia has had one of the highest gas prices in the country.

    But with the rise of natural-gas prices, gas customers have been forced to spend more on electricity bills, said Michael Rachlin, an energy expert at the University of Georgia.

    That has led to higher gas bills.

    Rachlen told the Georgia Public Broadcasting Network that with a higher price, gas consumers are more likely to use electricity instead of gas.

    “They don’t have a choice.

    They can’t switch,” he said.

    The state House passed the bill on Wednesday, with the bill advancing to the Senate.

    The House also passed a bill in the Senate that would make Georgia the first state to repeal its carbon pollution standards, according to the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

    The law would also reduce the maximum amount of natural fuel used for electricity generation from 50 percent to 25 percent, according the Georgia Natural Gas Association.

    Georgia’s carbon pollution rule was passed in 2014 to prevent natural gas from being used to power homes and businesses.

    Natural gas producers are fighting the repeal.

    Gas prices rose sharply in March.

    According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia gas prices reached $3.80 a gallon in April, up 9 percent from a year earlier.

    Gas used in Georgia is still a little more expensive than coal or natural gas.

    However, natural gas used in Alabama has been around for decades and was around for nearly half a century before it hit the market.

    Natural-gas use is growing across the country, with many utilities planning to install natural-fuel plants, such as natural gas boilers and natural gas transformers, to boost the economy.

    But gas prices are still rising.

    Gas can be expensive.

    It can also be cheap.

    In January, natural- gas prices hit an all-time high, up $3,000 a gallon, according with Bloomberg.

    Gas costs are still more than a quarter of what they were in 2015.

    But many people in Georgia are still trying to figure out what to do about the rising gas costs.

    Gas consumers in Georgia’s northernmost part of the state, where many communities have high rates of poverty, are angry at the state lawmakers.

    Many residents, such in towns like Wicoma, have had to pay more to power their homes with gas. 

    “I have to get more gas, I have to pay less gas, because we don’t know what to think about,” said Wicomosa resident Erin Givens.

    She said she’s trying to buy gas from a natural gas station in town.

    She’s paying more to buy natural gas because the rate is $2 a gallon.

    “It’s a little ridiculous, but I have two kids and we don


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