Gas prices have been rising in the US and UK for years.

    But they are now falling, with prices dropping across most of the world.

    The UK has been particularly hard hit.

    In November 2017, gas prices rose by over 8%.

    The US has been suffering from the same trend.

    The US gas industry had been in a slump for a decade.

    The price of natural gas was set to fall for years before the shale revolution.

    The shale revolution was the catalyst for the US gas boom, as US consumers switched to cleaner-burning natural gas.

    But the shale boom has since seen the price of gas fall for a third time in as many years.

    Now, as natural gas production has exploded, US consumers are looking to the UK as a possible alternative.

    The new price for gas will not be a surprise to consumers.

    Prices have been dropping for a long time in the UK.

    Gas consumption has been falling, as has the price.

    However, the UK’s recent energy minister said that the country’s shale boom was already creating a glut in natural gas supplies.

    The British government expects that the UK will be able to tap its shale gas reserves in the next year, which could be the spark that sparks a price drop.

    The country’s government is also looking to expand its shale production, by investing in natural resources such as coal.

    The oil and gas industry has also been hit by natural gas prices.

    US President Donald Trump has previously said that US natural gas producers are underperforming.

    The fracking industry has been booming in the United States, and is projected to be worth nearly $1 trillion by 2020.

    However there is a problem with that number.

    As the fracking boom has been going on, fracking has increased the amount of oil and natural gas that is being pumped underground.

    The United States and Canada have been trying to curb fracking, but have not been able to do so.

    Natural gas production in the country has dropped by around 10% over the past year, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

    The number of new wells drilled in the past six months has also dropped by a third.

    In addition, the number of natural-gas pipelines being built in the region has dropped dramatically.

    As well, shale gas extraction in the West is becoming increasingly expensive, and so is the supply.

    This is partly due to higher prices.

    The European Union, which is heavily reliant on natural gas exports, has recently cut its natural gas imports from the US, and has been encouraging other countries to do the same.

    However this has also put pressure on European natural gas companies, as their production has fallen.

    The impact of shale gas on the European economy was also underlined recently, when German oil company RWE said that its shale natural gas reserves had been depleted for a fourth time in three years.

    The company’s president, Klaus Döpfner, said that natural gas is no longer a reliable export source.

    The rise in natural-Gas prices in the EU and US has forced the European Commission to intervene.

    Last year, the Commission proposed stricter rules on how natural gas can be exported.

    It has now decided to impose additional sanctions on companies that import gas from the UK, which has become the main market for natural gas in Europe.

    This has led to a sharp rise in gas prices in Germany, which was already the cheapest natural gas supplier in Europe last year.

    Natural-Gas Prices in the European Union and US As a result of these developments, natural gas extraction has now increased by over 10% in the last 12 months.

    The prices of natural energy in the rest of Europe have also increased by a quarter.

    In Germany, for example, the price has jumped by 30% in just two years.

    It seems that European gas is finally starting to hit its stride.

    However natural gas will never replace coal as a fuel.

    Natural Gas is an abundant natural resource, but coal is only a finite supply.

    The EU and the US have been building pipelines to export natural gas, which will mean that gas prices will always go up in the long run.

    However as gas is not as expensive as coal, and natural-Resources prices are now rising in Europe, the EU is looking to boost its natural-Resource production to meet growing demand.

    In 2018, Germany’s natural-Energy sector is forecast to grow by 6% to 17%.

    Natural-Resources companies are also looking at developing more renewable energy projects, such as wind turbines and solar farms.


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