The outage has already impacted hundreds of millions of dollars worth of electricity generation in the U.S. natural gas industry, and is expected to hit many more in the coming days and weeks. 

    The American Gas Association estimates that more than 1.2 million homes, businesses and businesses in the United States have been without power during the natural gas outage. 

    The utility industry is already dealing with some of the biggest natural gas outages in the history of the country, with several companies shutting down or canceling entire transmission lines as part of their efforts to meet new federal greenhouse gas standards. 

    As a result, the blackout will be one of the largest in U.A.E. history, with millions of homes, business and businesses across the region likely without power for a prolonged period. 

    While the blackout is a major event, many communities in and around the region are already experiencing extreme temperatures, droughts, and a lack of electricity. 

    “We’ve had a lot of hot days over the last few days and we’ve been really looking forward to having our spring and summer months back, so it’s great that we’re getting some sunshine and the warmer weather we have right now, and the fact that we are not going to have this in June,” said Dan Siegel, president of the Southwestern Electric Cooperative. 

    This is a developing story.

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