The US will need a lot more natural gas than what it has right now to meet demand, according to an article in the New Scientist.

    The article says that the US currently has enough natural gas to supply about 70 per cent of US energy demand.

    However, as a result of the shale gas boom, which has been fuelled by cheap shale gas, the US has a lot of natural gas.

    Natural gas is also being extracted from shale formations, which are not covered by the US shale gas leases.

    As a result, the amount of natural-gas in the US market has increased.

    While the amount that the federal government has on hand is very limited, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) says that if the US can produce natural gas at a rate of 4.4 million b/d (a figure which would be enough to supply roughly half of all US power needs), it can import natural gas from overseas, thereby cutting US dependency on imported oil.

    But it is a big step, said Chris Williams, chief executive of Energy Infrastructure Solutions.

    “It’s a huge change in the way that the world thinks about the energy market,” he said.

    What does it mean for us? 

    The Federal Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) says there is no reason why the US should not import natural-gase gas. 

    But the issue is much more complicated than that, according the article.

    One of the biggest issues is that the domestic market is very inefficient, said Williams. 

    “It takes a very long time to import gas,” he added.

    It is estimated that the cost of producing natural gas in the United States is about $US30 per 1,000 cubic metres (ccm), which is less than the price of oil. 

    However, natural gas prices are still a bit higher than the cost for oil.

    Williams said that in order to make a fair trade, it would be necessary to import more than enough natural-grace gas.

    “The question is: how do you do that?” he said, adding that it would not be feasible to import enough natural and renewable gas to make up for the shortage.

    In the meantime, Williams said that natural gas is being used for heating and cooling in homes and buildings. 

    Natural gas could also be used for power generation, and for industrial uses such as heating, cooling and cooling systems. 

    The article also said that the price that natural-gegas prices are expected to fall in the future depends on how much gas the US imports from overseas. 

    If natural gas contracts were sold for a price lower than the value of the natural gas, it could mean that natural Gas futures could be hedged against future price swings. 

    What about the fracking boom? 

    As the price falls and US energy production continues to expand, natural- Gas futures may become more attractive. 

    As a hedge against the shale boom, some have been looking to buy contracts to buy natural gas that will fall in price. 

    In recent weeks, the price for gas futures has fallen in anticipation of the fracking industry in the USA and in the wake of the US elections. 

    On the US side, some of the contracts that are being bought include contracts for natural gas exploration and production. 

    This is expected to help to stabilise the market as the fracking programme goes into full swing, said John Kelleher, chief analyst at Energy Aspects. 

     However the futures are not a good hedge against US natural gas production, he said and it may be time for investors to consider hedging against natural-Gas futures.


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