Natural gas is poised to take the reins of global energy as the next big energy technology.

    But that doesn’t mean we should be rushing to build the infrastructure needed to support a booming industry.

    Here’s why.

    By James R. Whelan,ReutersNatural gas is a cleaner fuel than coal, and it’s a cleaner way to burn it.

    So the next time you’re feeling a little cranky, it’s time to get a little bit crankier.

    It’s a good time to look at natural gas trading.

    For decades, it has been the go-to fuel for energy companies as it’s cheap and plentiful.

    But now, as global energy markets begin to diversify, demand for natural gas is set to grow.

    In a recent report, Barclays estimates that demand for electricity generation in the U.S. will grow from 7.6 billion megawatts in 2020 to 9.4 billion megawatt-hours by 2035, while demand for gas generation will grow only from 1.7 billion megowatt-hour in 2020 down to 1.2 billion megavolt-hours in 2035.

    Demand for gas has been growing in tandem with other new technologies like solar and wind.

    So why is the gas market poised to overtake coal in power generation?

    As the United States shifts away from coal to natural gas, the market is poised for a significant jump in the use of natural gas in the energy sector, according to a recent study from the University of Southern California.

    In fact, by 2040, natural gas will be a “major contributor” to the U,S.

    energy mix, the study found.

    That could mean a spike in electricity generation from renewables, or the addition of coal-fired power plants.

    But it’s not just the growth in demand for renewables that could be a boon to natural-gas producers.

    It could also mean that natural gas producers will face competition from renewable energy technologies.

    In the future, it will likely be a combination of renewables and natural gas.

    The U.N. says natural gas could provide 40 percent of the global energy mix by 2045.

    The United States, by contrast, will see its share of the energy mix decline from 75 percent in 2020, to 60 percent in 2030.

    And natural gas has a much lower cost of production compared with coal and other fossil fuels.

    If natural gas were to replace coal and nuclear power, the transition would be even easier.

    The key is that the new generation technology doesn’t require a lot of investment, according the New York Times, and is cheap.

    A new plant could be built for about $300 million.

    The price of a new gas-fired plant could drop from $3.8 billion to $1.3 billion, according Bloomberg.

    That’s just a drop in the bucket compared with the energy industry’s $5.6 trillion in total energy investment.

    The United States already has a massive coal-based power plant in the works in Mississippi.

    But the future of natural-fiber energy depends on how many other countries follow suit.

    A report last month from the Center for American Progress found that China, Russia, India, and others are investing heavily in energy technology, while the United Kingdom and Japan are moving away from nuclear power.

    So it’s likely that the U


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