The U.N. has set a goal of limiting methane emissions from new and existing fossil fuel plants by 2020, but natural gas still remains the biggest source of global greenhouse gas emissions.

    That’s according to new data from GasBuddy, which analyzes gas prices across the world.

    GasBuddy has been tracking the prices of natural gas across the globe for over a decade.

    It estimates the price of gas in different parts of the world on a regular basis, using data from gas companies and gas stations around the world to produce a daily average price.

    GasBuddys price data is updated daily, and it shows how much natural gas the average consumer will pay for in different regions of the globe.

    Gas prices across Asia are particularly volatile.

    Gas prices can drop by as much as 15% every 24 hours or so.

    GasMuddy uses data from more than 1,500 gas stations across the U., Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to generate the monthly average price of natural, liquefied, and compressed natural gas in the region.

    GasFutures, the leading provider of global gas price data, says prices have dropped by more than 50% in Asia in the last year.

    That is, as of Feb. 3, 2017, prices have declined by a total of $18.3 billion.

    That means that gas is cheaper in Asia, at least for the time being, than it was in the past, GasFutables data shows.

    Gas affordability in the United States, however, is still far from guaranteed.

    The average gas price in the country is $2.60 per thousand cubic feet, according to GasBuds data.

    The national average is $3.65 per thousand.

    GasPriceWire, the online gas market, has a similar average for gas in its database.

    GasPriceWire has a list of gas stations that can be used to find gas prices from around the country, as well as a list with prices for gas available in other countries.

    The average price for natural gas at the top of the list, for example, is $4.75 per thousand gallons.

    However, gas prices have decreased dramatically in China in recent years.

    GasPricesData, the data company that publishes GasBudys data, recently released the average price in China for natural and liquefy natural gas from January 2016 to January 2017.

    GaspriceWire found that average prices in China have fallen from $4 per thousand pounds in 2015 to $2 per thousand lbs in 2017.

    That was the first time prices in that country had declined since at least 2010.

    GasPrices Data also found that the price for liquefying natural gas has fallen in Japan from $1.40 per thousand liters in 2015 up to $1 per thousand, and prices for liquifying liquefaction natural gas have dropped from $3 per thousand tons in 2015 down to $3 a thousand tons today.

    Gas price changes in the Middle Eastern region have been even more dramatic.

    The price for Saudi Arabia has dropped by 70% since 2011, GasBuzz reports.

    GasFets price data also shows that prices for Qatar have declined from $5.75 to $4 a thousand gallons over the same period.

    Gas PriceWire says that prices in Qatar and Saudi Arabia have fallen by $9 billion and $4 billion, respectively.

    GaspriceWire also found prices for Russia have dropped more than 80% from a peak in 2012 to a near-zero level in 2017, as gas prices plummeted.

    The biggest drops in prices were in Russia’s largest oil producer, Rosneft, which lost $30 billion between 2012 and 2017, GasPricewire reports.

    GasCure, the largest natural gas distributor in the world, has also experienced some dramatic price drops in recent months.

    Its price data show that prices have fallen in all of Russia since January 2016.

    Gas cure has also reported falling prices in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

    Gas Cure has also been experiencing some price drops since January 2017, which is why the company has been keeping tabs on the prices in countries that are experiencing significant price drops.

    GasFix, a global natural gas trading platform, recently reported that prices fell in some of its markets, including Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    Gasfix’s prices have also been dropping in some countries that have suffered significant natural gas price drops, such as Azerbaijan, Kyrgzstan, Turkmensistan, Tajankistan and Uzbekstan.

    Gasnect, a Russian gas provider, reported that its prices have continued to fall in some markets, and its prices dropped by as many as $10 per thousand in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Gasnect reported.


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