By Simon JenkinsThe UK’s Natural Gas Council is predicting the growth of natural gas transport in the UK will outpace that of oil, coal and gas by 2025.

    The report, published on Tuesday, said natural gas would outpace oil by 2025 and coal by 2026.

    It said the increase in natural gas consumption will lead to a “significant increase in the emissions associated with oil and gas” over the next five years.

    Natural gas will account for 20% of UK emissions in 2025, up from 17% currently.

    UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said naturalgas was an “economic driver” in the country.

    “The Government is investing in natural-gas infrastructure and creating the greenest economy in the world.”

    With gas being a key part of the UK’s energy mix, our new Natural Gas Investment Strategy is about getting more gas to market, ensuring that more of our energy needs are met and ensuring that our communities benefit from the benefits of a cleaner, more resilient and secure energy future,” she said.

    British Gas is one of the biggest producers of natural-gases and its new fleet of trucks will be used to deliver the gas to customers.

    British Gas also announced plans to increase its UK natural gas delivery network from 40 to 100 natural gas pipelines by 2021.

    Gas companies and industry groups are calling for a moratorium on new gas exploration, development and production.


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