John Curtinton’s view of Australia’s energy future is pretty different from that of most people in the world.

    In this article, the Victorian Premier and one of the world’s most eminent climate scientists discusses the challenges facing the nation’s energy industry and the prospects for carbon capture and storage (CCS).

    Australia’s natural gas supply has been in decline for decades, largely due to a lack of investment in the industry.

    Curtin believes Australia is currently in the midst of the worst drought in living memory and that CCS will help solve the problem.

    But Curtin is not alone in his belief that CCC will fail.

    The majority of the global community believe that it will not work.

    In fact, a large number of experts have said that CSC is not feasible in Australia because of the difficulty in controlling emissions and the fact that Australia does not have a large enough natural gas market to support CCS.

    So why do Curtin and other scientists believe that CCR is the answer to Australia’s electricity and gas woes?

    The truth is that the industry is in trouble.

    The government is under pressure to implement an unprecedented energy strategy.

    Curtin has been pushing for a “gas to coal” energy mix since his first election campaign in 2014.

    The government is in the process of overhauling its power sector and is expected to unveil a new power policy in early March.

    The plan, which will see all electricity generated by the energy sector be supplied by natural gas, has been heavily criticised for being an inefficient and costly solution to the state’s electricity problems.

    This has prompted some commentators to argue that the government is “going in the opposite direction” to Curtin by developing an energy strategy that will focus on renewables.

    Curtins own company, Southern Cross, has already signed up to build the CCR gas-to-coal plant in Western Australia.

    According to Curtins spokesperson, the government’s new strategy will see the development of a new energy strategy, and a new gas-fired power station at the Hunter Valley, that will be located in the Hunter, and will produce 1.5GW of electricity.

    That would provide the state with the energy it needs for just under a year, but Curtin warns that it is only half the story.

    “The fact is that we are in the middle of a drought, which has not been this bad for a decade.

    We have had record heat, record rainfall, and record heatwaves in recent months.

    We’re at the point where we can’t keep our lights on,” he said.

    He says that despite the government pushing for gas to coal, the reality is that CFS and CCS are not sustainable solutions to Australia and the world, especially as Australia’s natural resources continue to be depleted.

    Curtine said that the gas to power industry, which he estimates to be around 50 per cent of the energy generated in the country, is in deep trouble and that it would be better to focus on more efficient alternatives.

    It would be a lot better to develop a new generation of technology and technology that can store heat in the form of gas, instead of using coal, he said, adding that if he were to be prime minister, I would want to use the CCS technology and not the coal.

    We need a long-term strategy to make sure that we don’t have to do this all over again.

    Climate scientists, and even some in Curtin’s own party, have also warned that the future of CCS is in doubt.

    Curtintons energy minister, Andrew Robb, has recently announced that a CCS proposal would be “backdated” to 2022, meaning that CCA would have to be replaced.

    However, Curtin, who is also a climate scientist, says that the proposal will not be backdated.

    He believes that a future government would “not be in a position to undo that” as the project has already been approved by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

    But CCA, a major energy regulator, has not yet issued its final report on CCR.

    Curtina, who has previously said that he would be willing to take up a position on CCS, is now campaigning to be the first person to be elected to Parliament.

    And Curtin believes that his party, the Nationals, could win the election on a platform of coal-fired electricity.

    Curtinet says that coal is a key factor in the coal industry’s decline.

    If the Liberals win the next election, Curtini said that his support for coal power could be put to the test.

    He is hopeful that he will be able to convince his party to adopt a CCR-based energy strategy in the next parliament.

    In an interview with The Sunday Age newspaper, Curtinia said that if his party won power, it would push for a coal-to ccf transition plan.

    What do you think?

    Should Australia


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