In recent days, the Trump Administration has repeatedly claimed that its “fake news” claim that the United States had “overwhelming” evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election was “fake,” and that its assertions about Russia’s election hacking are false.

    The claim was made on May 16 during a press briefing at the White House, when President Donald Trump repeatedly claimed, “You have overwhelming evidence, the Russians hacked the DNC.

    The Russians are in charge of that.”

    The President continued: “And you know, this is fake news.

    Fake news.

    You have massive evidence, and they are denying it.

    I mean, you’re going to have a tremendous investigation, and I’m going to be very disappointed.”

    On May 21, Trump also said in a tweet, “Fake news.

    Russia has not hacked the U.S. electoral system.

    Fake News!”

    On June 9, Trump tweeted: “The Fake News Media is totally biased and has NO credibility.

    It has been a total disaster.

    Fake media is now at war with American voters!”

    On May 29, Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that the Russians were trying to influence the election in his favor, saying, “They hacked the Democratic National Committee, and, you know—and you know what they did to me personally.

    And they had my wife, Melania, who is the president of the United State, and my children, who are very, very smart people.

    And you have a lot of people in this country who think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

    On June 3, Trump again claimed that the Russian hacking was an effort to help him win the election, even as a separate intelligence assessment found that the Trump campaign was aware of Russia’s efforts to interfere in the election.

    “I mean, it’s a massive problem, George,” Trump said on ABC’s This Week.

    “They hack the DNC, they hack the Podesta, they hacked the emails, they got all that stuff, and then they’re trying to help me.”

    On July 15, during a visit to the United Kingdom, Trump asserted that Russia was trying to get Trump elected, saying: “Russia is trying to change the outcome of the election—they are trying to have Donald Trump elected.

    They are trying, George, they are trying.”

    Trump has repeated this claim, which was based on a fake news report about Russia and its hacking of the Democratic Party.

    On July 23, during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump said that the report was “fabricated” and said he was “100 percent certain” that he would be elected president.

    “The story that they have about hacking is fake, it is totally fabricated, and it is nonsense.

    It’s totally phony,” Trump told Meet the Media host Chuck Todd.

    On June 5, Trump reiterated his claim that Russia hacked the Democrats’ email servers, even after the CIA determined that the DNC was not hacked.

    “And it is a very, you have to understand, a very serious problem.

    And it is something that is a serious problem, because it is not only in the DNC that they are hacking, but it is in other places.

    And so it is an enormous problem,” Trump argued.

    On Aug. 13, the White Houses own official, Mark Zaid, said that it was “unacceptable for the United Nations to allow a foreign country to tamper with a US election process.”

    Trump also continued to use this claim.

    “It is a fact, and the fact that the UN, they let a foreign power tamper is an unacceptable thing for them to allow to happen,” Trump tweeted.

    “In fact, the UN must have been totally screwed up.”

    On Aug 15, the President tweeted, “The election is being stolen from the American people by the dishonest and distorted media, but the Democrats are also rigging the vote in favor of Crooked Hillary Clinton.

    There is no comparison.”

    On Wednesday, the New York Times published a report citing a top Russian official who said the Russian government had “advance” access to Trump’s private email server, a claim that Trump himself repeated on Monday.

    The Times reported that a top intelligence official told them that “at least some” of Trump’s emails were stored on a server in the Russian consulate in New York.

    In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Trump argued that the Times’ report was false, and accused the newspaper of trying to destroy his presidency by publishing it.

    “When the New Yorker publishes a story saying the DNC has advanced access to your private email, that is so dishonest and fake news, they should be ashamed of themselves and their failing,” Trump wrote.

    “Also, the FAKE NEWS media will NEVER report that in the future.

    It will be called Fake News!,” Trump added.

    On Wednesday morning, Trump called the Times “the enemy of the American People,” and tweeted, “@nytimes is the enemy of


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