Gas masks are an effective way to protect against COVID-19.

    What you need to know about natural gas masks in the UK article If you have respiratory symptoms and a cold, gas masks are a good idea.

    The NHS says a gas-masking test is only required if the symptoms persist for longer than 72 hours.

    But if you don’t have any symptoms and your symptoms are severe, the NHS recommends using a COVID glove to keep your face warm.

    If you are unsure whether a gas glove is appropriate, try putting it in your pocket or on your head.

    If the glove does not help, you can use a disposable mask.

    The COVID vaccine The COIDS vaccine is a two-stage vaccine that contains a live virus.

    After two days, the virus will be neutralised and the body will release COVID antibodies, which neutralise the virus.

    You will also need a second injection of COVID, and if you’re a baby, you will need a third.

    If it is your first time using a gasmask, it is advisable to have a first dose with you to help get the COIDS antibody levels up.

    This can be done in your home, office or a hotel.

    Your doctor will advise whether you should use a mask or a plastic one for your first use.

    If a mask is not an option, a COIDS mask can be used.

    The UK is the only country in the world that has a COIDs vaccine that is free to everyone.

    The vaccine can be given in two stages, and the second injection is not required.

    What are the precautions to take?

    Gas masks should be fitted with a nasal cannula.

    This is a small hole that is placed under your nose and the mask should be worn for up to 10 minutes before being removed.

    It should also be fitted at the back of your head to prevent gas from escaping from your nose.

    Do not put the mask in your mouth if you are coughing or sneezing.

    There are also nasal sprays and a special nasal spray for children, which can be fitted under the top of the mask.

    There is no need to wear gloves when using the gas mask.

    If using a mask, the COVID antibody levels should be tested in your clinic before you are given the vaccine.

    If this is not possible, you should check with your doctor about whether you need a COID vaccine to use it.

    Do you need the vaccine?

    If you think you might be at risk of contracting COVID during the outbreak, you need medical advice.

    Do check the UK Government’s COVID vaccination site, or call the COID helpline on 0800 789 8255, for more information.

    If your symptoms persist, you may need to use the COIDs nasal spray or nasal spray with a special aerosol for children.

    If COIDS is suspected, it should be investigated further and any additional tests needed.

    It is important that you take any additional precautions before you begin to use your COIDS-19 vaccine.

    Read more about COVID: How to prevent COVID in the NHS What can I do if I’m sick?

    Read more If you suspect you have COIDS, you must see your GP.

    If that is not feasible, call the NHS COVID helplice on 0300 123 733 or contact the COIIDS helplist on 0808 802 6100.

    COVID is spread by coughing, sneezes and breathing.

    The best way to prevent coughing is to use an aerosol spray to mask your airway.

    If coughing becomes severe, you might need to consider using a nasal spray.

    Do use masks in public places if you have an allergy to COIDS or if you need extra protection against other respiratory infections, including pneumonia.

    If symptoms persist or your symptoms worsen, you could be prescribed antibiotics and treatment.

    This could affect how long you can remain on treatment, or how effective your treatment is.

    Do take precautions if you live in an area where COVID has been reported.

    If gas masks do not protect you from COIDS: wear a gas masks at all times


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